One of the most highly-rated privately owned web hosting company is Hostgator. Since its inception in 2002 in Dallas, Texas, it has been servicing almost half a million websites all over the virtual world. Aside from web hosting, they are also recognized as the leader in providing reseller hosting accounts. Businesses that need dedicated servers due to the complexities of their operations will find Hostgator’s offerings cost-efficient and effective.

Their web hosting packages are replete with features that customers find friendly and affordable. In fact, their basic package termed as “Hatchling” is perfect for beginners. It’s price tag at $6.95 is sweet especially for those who have a limited budget. The “Baby” plan is a favorite among millions of users since it has benefits like:

  • 1. 100 GB disk space – hard to beat offer. This means putting as much as video or audio on your web pages to enhance its presentation.
  • 2. 1000GB bandwidth – this is much elbow room for even big websites. At least, you won’t be saddled with extra charges for using more than what you need.
  • 3. SiteStudioWebsite Builder – easy-to-use even for newbies. Hostgator is also friendly to WordPress so you can easily convert your WP site. There’s no need for any technical know-how.
  • 4. Unlimited Web Hosting – host as many sites as you want with simple access to C panel. Their is a guide for that so you can familiarize yourself with the settings. You just have to keep on adding your other sites and learn to manage them efficiently.
  • 5. Uptime guarantee of 99.9% – beats other competitors and makes this provider very dependable. Businesses that experience downtime usually lose customers so make this a priority when choosing a web host.

If you have a bigger website, the “Swamp” plan is suitable since the band width and disk space is higher than the “Baby” plan. Of course, the rate is much higher too which is pegged at $14.95 a month. But if you get across discount or promo codes like here, then that saves you money.

Most of all, Hostgator makes life easier through their instant set up. Once you have paid for the subscription, then expect to see your site up and running within fifteen minutes. They also have a live chat support that can help you with even the most basic queries. Even their e-mail response is timely and full of good advice. In case you want to have a sweeter deal, offers to customers a discount of $9.94 or 25% off the package price. These Coupon codes are not applicable to domain names or any service which is not a hosting account.

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Choose the best possible web hosting provider by avaling this great offer today. Don’t fall for lower priced competitors that are unreliable. Get the best quality possible without shortchanging your customers. Be one among millions of satisfied Hostgator customers who have websites up all the time. Be practical and get the best value for your hard-earned money.

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